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Posted by / 22-Oct-2017 22:56

Sql sp4 validating user

My question: Should I stop validation at "Check Files in Use" or "Ready to update"?

Have I validated everything I can by the end of "Check Files in Use"?

When applying a Service Pack to a production SQL server, I usually have a planned downtime window of around 30 minutes.Verify Default Data key under the instance hive points to a valid directory. (01) 2015-05-13 Slp: The configuration failure category of current exception is Configuration Validation Failure (01) 2015-05-13 Slp: Configuration action failed for feature SQL_Engine_Core_Inst during timing Validation and scenario Validation. I was not asking if I should wait for files in use, and I am specifically NOT applying the service pack at this time.I am validating there will not be issues prior to starting the update at some time in the future where there is a scheduled down time.

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I can stop at any point on "Check Files in Use" with the same results as far the actual update is concerned. Repeat this until the upgrade procedure works and you know the reboot requirements and such, then plan to repeat the process in production.