Samples of online dating profiles to attract men dating more than 8 million men and women

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The point is, these words gave potential men multiple ways to connect with me, plus a jumping off point to message me.

Even guys who had no interest or knowledge in anything I talked about would at least ask me what kind of dog I have or what kind of coffee I like. Another way that I was specific was in how I described my ideal partner: "Ira Glass or Joel Stein on a skateboard." Everyone wants someone who will love them, take long wants on the beach, nauseate them with annoying clichés, etc., but I am pretty sure not one other girl on the site said anything close to what I said.

All the messages that started out with, "Dear Lulu's Mom" or mentioned my dog were worth responding to.

So rather than Amanda_73, you might choose Amanda Loves Cakes.My Ok Cupid name was Lulu (plus some numbers), which is my dog's name.Toward the end of the profile, Ok Cupid asks you for five things you can't live without and I wrote, "My dog, Lulu." So, every message that started with "Dear Lulu" was immediately deleted.If possible, include things in the photo that will help you tell a story about who you are.If you’re into photography, have your camera in your hand.

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If you’re into music, wear some headphones round your neck.