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APPROVED Jordan/Rome--unlawful presence I-212 Here is a copy of Tikbj's hardship letter, submitted following a request for evidence from USCIS Rome; no other documentation was submitted with it.

It was for previous unlawful presence for her husband, who is a citizen of Jordan.

Which includes his friends that he made while he was here, who ask about him all the time and prey that he will be allowed to return soon.

Even his employer has left his position open for him if and when he comes back, because he knows Mohammad is a hard working, loyal and trust worthy man. Since meeting my husband I have become a better person, I truly believe he is my soul mate and I feel like a whole human being when I am with him.

Because we love each other very much the past few years have been very hard on both of us.

I am unable to sleep, have extreme anxieties, and am having a hard time functioning not only at work but at home as well.

I could not bear to live the rest of my life without feeling his touch or looking into his soft beautiful brown eyes. The USC/UKC will show hardships from extreme, unusual and some instances severe hardships to the USC/UKC If ALIEN were not admitted to the United States, USC really would suffer, (from) extreme, unusual, severe hardships.

At night when I am lying alone in bed I sometimes dream about him being next to me only to awake and find myself alone, having to start another day without my beloved Mohammad. She would feel compelled by the powerful forces of her complete marital bond to do so.

Mohammad has asked me on several occasions to come to Jordan and live with him and build a family there, but I am afraid because the U.There are also restrictions on freedom of movement, women's rights and societal discrimination against women that plague the Middle East.In Jordan there are significant restrictions on citizens' rights to change their government. (For example, the town’s mayor, a county’s administrator, etc.) Both of these required documents should be provided to the AARP staff member with whom the community has been working. Connecting Learn more about the age-friendly network and see the member list Towns, cities and counties seeking to enroll in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities are required to submit a membership application, as well as a letter of commitment, which must be signed by the jurisdiction’s highest elected official.

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Page 1 of 2 - August 23, 2005 Attention: USCI Information Desk Re: .............. I am looking forward to starting our family together in the United States, because I know there are many opportunities for our children to become successful, productive, law abiding citizens, just like me and Mohammad.

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