Olivia wilde dating justin timberlake

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Olivia wilde dating justin timberlake

Will buys a shiny new sports car and drives himself to the party.

After a quick dance, down at their private beach Will tempts Sylvia into a moonlit dip in the waves (her first brush with danger).

Olivia Wilde, beautiful though she may be, doesn't quite qualify for MILF status — not in reality, that is.

But in director Andrew Niccol's upcoming futuristic thriller, previously titled "I'm.mortal," she's going to be the hottest mom on the block.

The following morning, Will heads to New Greenwich.

He visits a local casino and meets 110-year-old time-loaning businessman Philippe Weis and his 27-year-old daughter Sylvia.

If nothing else, it looks like the feature film formerly known as "I'm.mortal" is shaping up to have some seriously wacky parental issues — but as long as Wilde is involved, I don't expect there to be too many complaints.

The film focuses on two specific "time zones" in what used to be Los Angeles: Dayton - a poor manufacturing area where people generally have 24 hours or less on their clock at any given time - and New Greenwich - the wealthiest time zone, where people have enough time on their clock to be immortal.

Will Salas is a 28-year-old Dayton factory worker living with his 50-year-old mother Rachel.

While playing poker with Weis, Will comes dangerously close to timing out, but eventually wins more than a millennium in a flawless gamble.

Sylvia, impressed, invites him to a party in the Weis mansion.

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She urges the bus driver to lend her a loan of 30 minutes that her son will pay off but to which he refuses and advises her to run.

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