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the reason for me coming in was of course to order pizza and wings…for an ENTIRE COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM AND STAFF…FOR THIS WEEK……DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE THAT IS AND HOW MUCH FOOD I WOULD HAVE ORDER?!?!?!?!?!?

For all those entitled haters that made it a point to nit pick, you got your wish- W 18th is gone. What if one employee pretends to be a certain way in front of store managers and is very different working with them? I just recently had bad vomiting problems on sunday the third and felt better the next day. I was then given feedback form which I filled out honestly and gave suggestions to help improve service. Didn’t take anything off the salad bar; lettuce was brown & disgusting, carrots were dried up…

Reply I got take out for the second time within a two week period trying to give the north east md 21901 location a second chance.

First time the girl had the worst customer service took our order wrong and over charged us with no money given back cause the excuse was corporate will send a coupon.

I was told it was a busy night so I was willing to wait and I did. The delivery guy came to the door with the pizza and no soda that I paid for.

He said that I didn’t order it and when I showed him the receipt, he said he’d be right back.

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They all like their job though and will not complain. The delivery man handed me the soda but didn’t see that I had only let out one hand and not two because I was grabbing the currency. Can’t even train because it feels extremely painful.