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You are the villain., which means everyone thinks the mystery man is Christian Bale. The actor has rage issues that we've seen blow up in the media, from his infamous tirade directed at a DP on the set of , which was recorded and distributed; to the fight with his mother and sister in 2008 that has them permanently estranged.The accusations in the blind item certainly seem to match the other incidents where he's lost control.Except for the end of her letter, in which she includes one of the more memorable quotes from a major summer blockbuster that came out less than a month ago: I was endlessly forgiving, justifying of your behavior.I allowed you to belittle me in front of our friends, use me, take over my home, and alienate me from all my friends.Variety is the spice of life.' I know that it would be impossible to do it without her, and she's such a good, strong woman.I owe everything to her." The actor nabbed his first Oscar in 2011 for The Fighter, and this year, he joins a group of talented 2014 nominees in the best actor category for his starring role in American Hustle.Lonely, brooding and emotionally tormented, the latest incarnation of Batman shocked the celebrity audience at last week’s London premiere of the film.

Tortured soul: Christian with father David, mother Jenny and sister Louise Apart from Bale’s wife Sibi, with whom he has a three-year-old daughter Emmeline, few have a better claim to know him than Cheung, 44, who provides a remarkable insight into the mind of the rising star.

What actually took place remains a mystery, although it has been reported that his sister had asked to borrow £100,000 to support her family. Released on police bail without charge, his only comment was: ‘It’s a deeply personal matter.

I would ask you to respect my privacy in the matter.’No doubt the 34-year-old would rather let his extraordinary acting do the talking.

Sibi will likely be at his side for Sunday's Academy Awards, so ahead of the big night, take a look back at the couple's relationship through the years.

Famously private Christian Bale has a huge admission to make about his dating life.

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Of course, assuming it's Bale is assuming that the Redditor is telling the truth. He's been married to Sibi Blažić since 2000; not much is known about who he was in relationships with prior to then, though his ex-assistant claims he dated Winona Ryder and Anna Friel in the '90s.

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