Challenge dating love triangle

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Challenge dating love triangle

But, Aneesa felt like her feelings didn't matter and they were "swept under a rug." Kim then discussed that she & Dunbar had tried something after New Zealand but didn't work out.

Evan then felt like Paula shook up the voting order when she voted for Dunbar instead of MJ, even though Paula denies that ever happens and says Evan "did her wrong".

First aired June 17, 2009 The reunion was hosted by Maria Menounos and was taped at the MTV Studios on June 9, 2009.

Brad felt like Rachel should have helped him dig more like how Brittini helped Evan, even though Rachel says she did.

It is also discussed why Mark came out of the retirement after announcing it on the Gauntlet 2 reunion.

Maria asks about Robin & Katie, Robin is pregnant and expecting a little boy and Katie is engaged.

Mark stated that besides the Diem situation being the source of the fight, past challenge history and them together on their season sparked more tension between the two.

Jenn states that the fight was a whole lot worse when you were actually there, and Rachel says that CT shouldn't be allowed on any more of these challenges. Jenn said she had already known about Rachel & Aneesa's history and that Rachel avoided talking about it to either one of them, because she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

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