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Blind dating 2016 wikipedia

She wakes up restrained in the basement like Cindy was, and the Blind Man reveals that Cindy was carrying his child in order to replace the one she killed.

The winner will decide if the story that will be told on the way to school that day will be one about a Shah Rukh Khan film or a Salman Khan film.

The group searches the house for the money but are unable to find it.

Money puts a sleeping gas in the Blind Man's bedroom, then, assuming the money is behind a locked door downstairs, shoots the lock.

After a blind struggle, Alex knocks out the Blind Man, and they flee upstairs.

After blocking the basement door, they encounter the Blind Man's Dog, who has woken.

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Rocky, Alex, and Money are three Detroit delinquents who make a living by breaking into homes secured by Alex's father's security company and selling the items they take.

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