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My intuition said that I was not prepared to lose a year by goiing to the States and then having to start my year over in Belgium.In his youth my father wanted to go to the Congo to cultivate fruits after the war, but something kept him here.

Study hard my mother said while watching study hard you can give instructions.Both my father and his brother in law, the father of the nieces have the same first name.So why was I not born in Congo and why I was not born in the USA like in the ' Bruce Sringsteen'-song ?Sometimes now days, more than 40 years later, I think back of that time and it seems that things which are happening now, and things one could not have known in those days have a strange connection because some things seemed to predict others all the time, without really knowing what is going to happen.It's a kind of feeling that you realize after things have occurred.

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