Bad speed dating experiences

Posted by / 29-Nov-2017 10:31

The men were so abysmal,all the gals got quite drunk on the free champagne and chocolates........Trying to make conversation for 8 mins with one stranger after another was not really fun.When did this start happening...women choosing who they want to talk to? I mean, MEN don't go for looks at all, so why do women think they can get away with it? I told one guy how much I hate mustard and he said he puts it on The whole women want to be hurt emotionally and physically thing - I can't respond to. You have no idea who women who don't have any interest in you end up dating...common projection tho, I see men spouting this crap all the time. We had such a fun conversation based on mustard - and he ended up being the only guy I made an actual date with. The first one was alot of fun and everybody minus one was nice and half were very attractive. The one thing I picked up on is alot of the people there were just doing it for something to do which sucks when you want a date out of the deal. Ended up getting 3 matches and was dating one of the girls I met there until recently.Eventually I yelled out for him to stop preaching and trying to hawk his book and to let us go on to our speedate .Most of the girls were nice even if they were not interested in you, others were not physically attractive to myself but were pleasent to talk to for the short time.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

You really never know what might happen when you are meeting 10 new people over the course of an hour.I only ever went to one for the fun of it,with a single girlfriend and it was exhausting.......It was also quite expensive at around O............!Though I'd like to check it out with friends some night to shake up the schedule if I had the money, I doubt the guys there would appreciate that... You can ask any reasonable question, as long as your not digging for two much information. To start my friend and I got there early and we started talking to 2 girls who were part of the speed dating event.However, I'd come up with a few questions that you want to know from all the women, starting with the most important thing and working your way to the lesser and then find a way to wrap it into something conversational you can work in under 10 minutes that doesn't sound like an interview. The promoters advise that you stick to the basic question. MY FRIEND and I were asked not to talk to them as we will be able to talk to them later on.

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The second one had alot of weird looking people and personalities were just terrible. I had next to no issues having conversations with the ladies and found the 7 minutes we had was not enough time as we had to end it after the bell was rung.