Accomodating 6 people

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Accomodating 6 people

Built objects are created and constructed by humans and vary widely in terms of their complexity, size, and purpose.Built objects are created for utilitarian reasons and also for an outlet for creativity.Building upon the model presented in Chapter 3, this chapter considers in some depth the ways that the environment can be either enabling or disabling for a person with a pathological condition.The chapter describes in greater detail how cultural norms affect the way that the physical and social environments of the individual are constituted and then focus on a few—but not all—of the elements of the environment to provide examples of how the environment affects the degree of disability.As described in Chapter 3, disability is not inherent in an individual but is, rather, a relational concept—a function of the interaction of the person with the social and physical environments.The amount of disability that a person experiences depends on both the existence of a potentially disabling condition (or limitation) and the environment in which the person lives.

The physical environment may be further subdivided conceptually into the natural environment and the built environment.everything you need to have a wonderful holiday in Morbihan.In the past four decades the prevailing wisdom about the cause of disability has undergone profound change.The natural environment may have a major impact on whether a limitation is disabling.For example, a person who has severe allergies to ragweed or mold, which can trigger disabling asthma, can be free of that condition in climates where those substances do not grow.

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The overall message of this chapter is that the amount of disability is not determined by levels of pathologies, impairments, or functional limitations, but instead is a function of the kind of services provided to people with disabling conditions and the extent to which the physical, built environment is accommodating or not accommodating to the particular disabling condition.